A case for the dissolution of the gender binary.

Going through my life on a day to day basis, I find myself noticing little details about the basis for how a lot of us view our world, and particularly I notice this the most when in my interactions with other people who are not familiar with me. My physical makeup including my face structure and my shoulder width, the way I dress most of the time, my habits down the the tiniest physical movements, and even my interests to a certain extent. Some people would from this either suspect that I’m a man or a woman depending on what…

Neurotypicals are experiencing what Autistic people have to deal with for nearly their entire lives.

It’s no secret that the current global lockdown that’s been mandated by governments worldwide to slow the spread of COVID-19 has been taking a toll on the mental health of a good chunk of the global population. …

A short article on why ‘Common Sense’ reasoning will mean that mentally disabled people will always be in the wrong.

To anyone who studies social sciences, this statement is blatantly obvious, but even so I will find people who think that this doesn’t (or shouldn’t) apply in deeply personal contexts, such as in the goings on in a household. However this logic is deeply flawed in the context of the interaction between disabled and non disabled individuals, because simply put, not everyone is working through the same frameworks. Even if it’s understood that they’re working in the same cultural contexts, sub-cultural contexts, etc..

A good example of this is the interactions between Autistic and Non-Autistic (Allistic) individuals. Autistic people often…

An essay on the ills of Neoliberalism and why people may want to abandon Liberalism all together.

The following is the long version of an essay that I wrote for a class on political theory. The basic premise is that Liberalism is becoming defunct because it’s political legitimacy is on the line. Most of my examples on criticisms and alternatives are from the left partially because of an interview with a political activist due to the prompt of the essay, and my own familiarity with leftists critiques of Capitalism, Liberalism, and Neoliberalism in general.

I do not have permission to post the full interview or reveal any names, however quotes from the interview as they were written…

The social consequences of having Executive Dysfunction.

Imagine you’re a student, you’re writing an assignment for a lower level English class that’s about 5 pages or so that is due in a few hours, you know what you want to write about and you know how to structure it according to the rubric. You sit down to write the paper, and then you can’t get yourself to do it. You maybe stare at the wall, open up your phone and look at twitter, come back to it, etc.. You maybe write two sentences but then become distracted, or even just stumped on how to continue even though…

Rosie Sage

20. University student studying Philosophy and Sociology. Agender Trans Girl. Autistic & Bipolar. Writing from experience.

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